Fabian Nippgen

Assistant Professor of Watershed Hydrology

Graduate Students

Cole Green-Smith

MS student - Remote sensing of snow and runoff source areas

After graduating from Colorado State University in 2013 with a BS in Environmental Geology, Cole worked as a hydrogeologist and hydrologist for both private industry and government agencies. The pursuits of understanding natural systems (especially involving water) continue to drive Cole’s curiosity about his surroundings and human interactions with the environment. Through attending UWyo’s interdisciplinary Water Resources program, Cole hopes to expand his education and eventually help offer solutions to water issues in the western United States. When not looking at water, rocks or data, Cole can likely be found in the Desert Southwest, or any of the mountain ranges throughout Wyoming….climbing, hiking, skiing, drawing, and making music.

Kyle Fitch

MS student - Effect of beaver impoundments on surface water connectivity

Kyle is an interdisciplinary MS student pursuing a degree in rangeland ecology and watershed management. His previous work ranges from the study of bulk finite strain across the PA salient, to thermal heterogeneities within urban streams in upstate NY. Outside of research, Kyle enjoys running, hiking, guitar, piano, and singing. Currently, he is studying the impact of beaver dams on surface and ground water movement in the Laramie range. Contact via email:

Viktor Stromberg

MS student – Ecohydrological impacts on hyporheic exchange flow of mountain streams.

Co-advised with Dr. Ginger Paige.

Viktor holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Appalachian State University. His studies have brought him out west where he began his work in environmental consulting as a founding member of the environmental restoration LLC, Riparian Restoration. He is currently studying the effects of riparian vegetation on groundwater—surface water exchanges in the Laramie range. When not working, Viktor loves to play in Wyoming’s public land — snowboarding, fishing, climbing, and kiting.

Undergraduate Students

Tate Beddingfield

Undergraduate Researcher

Tate is currently working towards a BS in rangeland ecology and watershed management and environment and natural resources, and he is expected to graduate Spring 2021. Tate previously worked for the Wyoming Conservation Corps where he became interested in how runoff behavior can be manipulated by trail building techniques. This summer, Tate will be assisting Cole, Kyle, and Fabian with their projects, as well as developing and conducting his own research project. Apart from work, Tate enjoys relaxing with his dog, hiking, mountain biking, and listening to music on long drives.

Lab Alumni

Wyatt Schiermeyer

Undergraduate Researcher

Wyatt graduated December 2019 with a degree Environmental Geology/Geohydrology from the Geology department. His undergraduate research explored the use of UAVs to measure changes in turbidity in 1st to 3rd order streams.

Elijah True

Undergraduate Researcher

Elijah worked on a project on riparian ecohydrology in the Laramie Range, alongside other graduate and undergraduate researchers.